Story of a Woman

by Stefan Olofsson

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Stefan Olofsson is a self-taught pianist, bass player, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer from Umeå in the north of Sweden.

He has worked with well-known artists such as guitarist Jeff Richman, bass player Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Donald Fagen), singer Jason Scheff (Chicago), film music composer/orchestrator Phil Giffin ("Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard") and 2-time Grammy Award winner Jay Graydon (Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer).

"This album was intended as a portfolio and is a collection of very diverse songs that I've gathered over the years."


released July 1, 2003

Peter Tisell, Micke Sandström, Peter Starefeldt, David Franzén, Jeff Richman, Paulo Murga, Stefan Olofsson, Lage Olofsson, Peter Olofsson and Ulph Johansson.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Stefan Olofsson

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Track Name: Good Intentions
If you're still not convinced - you'll be
We'll make sure you feel right - you'll see

And you can always
You can always step out
You can always quit now
You can always quit right now

Welcome to the show
There's nothing we won't let you know
You're not too dignified to join us
And create a new relation to the world

Would you sacrifice your freedom
We know how to better use it

And you can always
You can always step out
You can always quit now
You can always quit right now


Good intentions
Good intentions
Track Name: Story of a Woman
I got nobody from today
I'll have nobody watching over my grave
On a dark December day she went for holidays
I walked her to the station and kissed her goodbye
Two years later I got a phone call from Berlin
She was sitting in a bar drinking soda and gin

"I'll be home, I'll be home in a year"
"I'll give you my love and take good care"
Then her voice was strained and funny
Within a second she was forever gone
Forever gone

This is the story of a woman who teared me apart
She stole my soul and broke my heart
This is the story of a woman who teared me apart
She stole my soul and broke my heart

Guess you're feeling satisfied about what you've done
I was just another boy in a terrible line
I shivered all night long, then I wrote you this song
I can't hold it back no more
Where you drinking a lot
Where you thinking a lot
When innocence was painted black

Track Name: Backbone
Guess you know me just by name
Woman chaser, king of pain
Sweet touch, the air you breathe
Normal knowledge, you shall be free
You can call me a soul man or even a bad man
But the wind cries us so let us dance to the sound

Gypsy island, fruit for two
Children laughing, your child too
You can work as an actress
You don't have to practice
Natural woman with a natural groove
Three one-way tickets, I'll carry the bags
I'll buy new clothes and bury my rags

I feel it in my backbone
You would never leave me alone
I'm sitting in the front row drinking beer all night long
You're dance is like thunder
Your voice reminds me of Mr. Stevie Wonder
You are all I long for and I adore your style
It will keep my going for a while

I can't give you no explanation
But I'm dying for a closer relation
I'll be a father to your son
Treat him like my only one
Playing soccer, I'll teach him to master
I'll sacrifice whatever it takes
I'll clean windows while you reach for the stars
You gotta, you should, you should reach out for Hollywood

Track Name: The Day She Dies
Scarlet shaded hearts upon the bluegrass of the hill
Remind me of the one I love
She christened me with life and the she taught me
How it feels to have love that's all above

With a shout and a cheer I shed a happy tear
I want to live until
With a shout and a cheer I haven't got a fear
I want to live until the day she dies

The feeling of her nearness seems to keep me up so high
I need not say she makes my day
The essence of her beauty goes much deeper than the eye
I can't express the loveliness

Track Name: Down The Road
The trouble I expected is finally here
Years without breakdowns but always aware
Taking my girlfriend on a ride
Taking my girlfriend deep down in the blue
She's the only one who knows the way out
Fire inside my head, I'm nervous and weak
Stay in bed the rest of the week
Lock the door 'cause I'm not sure

Whether you're love can cure my soul
Whether you're love can cure my soul

Been down the road
Yes, I've been down the road
Now it's coming

Wonder when she leaves me, the time must be near
Pale dead white, screaming all night
Poor little girl with tears in here eyes
Waiting for a future where nobody cries
Been down the valley where death is the god
Made myself crawl in the mud
I can't give no guarantee 'cause someone else is controlling me

Don't blame yourself
Cause you have done all you can